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EnGoPlanet solar-powered 5G small cell and WiFi Internet solutions redefine your connectivity experience. By integrating advanced technology with solar power, we offer efficient, eco-friendly internet access. Join us in embracing this innovative leap towards a more sustainable, connected lifestyle that contributes to a greener future.

We Are the Pioneers in Solar Powered Small Cell Technology

EnGoPlanet has a vision to connect the world. Our extensive experience in solar power and solar powered 5G small cell technology is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. We want to make the world connected. Together, we are the catalyst for change that will shape a new future. However, our journey in solar powered WiFi internet isn’t just about technology but a sustainable future.

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting green energy. Our solutions not only bring connectivity but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

The Advanced Features

At EnGoPlanet, we are committed to empowering connectivity with our state-of-the-art solar poles with solar-powered 5G small cells. These eco-friendly solutions provide reliable network access in public spaces, offering significant benefits for municipalities, schools, and businesses. Let’s explore the technical and functional aspects of our solar powered WiFi systems.

Technical Aspects

EnGoPlanet offers an array of connectivity options beyond Wi-Fi alone. With our solar poles, you can use various power sources to energize connectivity options, including:

  • LoRa System
  • 3G Cellular
  • 4G Cellular
  • 5G Cellular
  • Access Points
  • Satellites
  • Radio
  • Gateway

Functional Aspects

Our technology includes the following features:

  • Energy Efficiency: Solar poles capture sunlight and convert it into clean, renewable energy, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity while reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Seamless Connectivity: EnGoPlanet’s Solar Poles allow users to stay connected regardless of their location.
  • Automatic Sensors: Our Solar Poles are equipped with intelligent sensors that optimize energy usage. These sensors adjust power output based on real-time environmental conditions.
  • Weather Durability: EnGoPlanet’s Solar Poles are built to endure the elements, with robust construction and weather-resistant materials that guarantee reliability in rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
  • Public Space Enhancement: Our solar powered WiFi systems offer enhanced public spaces. They are ideal for municipalities, schools, and businesses looking to improve services and create more interconnected communities.

Transforming Possibilities into Real-World Benefits

Our solar powered 5G Internet systems are a gateway to a brighter, more connected future. Let’s explore how these features translate into tangible benefits for our users:

  • Long-Term Savings: These savings can then be redirected to other essential projects, further enhancing the quality of life in your community.
  • Safety Enhancements: Think of parks with real-time security cameras, schools with dependable emergency communication systems, or urban areas with improved public safety networks.
  • Environmental Benefits: With each installation, you contribute to a greener world, making a positive impact on the environment.


Effortless Solar Powered WiFi Connectivity

We have streamlined our installation process to ensure a smooth experience for you:


Needs Analysis

We analyze your needs comprehensively, ensuring a tailor-made solution.


Custom Proposal

We provide a customized proposal with transparent pricing.



We maintain clear and fixed monthly costs throughout the contract.


Contract Signing

Once the contract is signed, we prepare for installation promptly.


Easy Setup

Our experienced team handles the entire installation at no extra cost.


Affordable & Sustainable

Enjoy your new, affordable, solar powered technology.


How can using solar powered 5G small cell save me money?

 It reduces energy costs by using solar energy, resulting in long-term savings on electricity bills.

Do you provide maintenance and support?

 It reduces energy costs by using solar energy, resulting in long-term savings on electricity bills.123

Are these systems suitable for my specific location or business?

 It reduces energy costs by using solar energy, resulting in long-term savings on electricity bills.123456

Connecting the World Together

EnGoPlanet solar powered WiFi systems offer long-term savings, enhanced safety, and significant environmental benefits. If you’re ready to transform your connectivity, embrace sustainability, and enjoy the benefits of solar powered WiFi, we invite you to reach out to us for a quote or further information. Together, we can create a connected and sustainable future. Contact us today to bring your vision to life.

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