Solar street lighting as a cost-effective option for Homeowner Associations (HOA)

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Solar street lighting is a cost-effective option for Homeowner Associations (HOA) looking to install street lighting in their neighborhoods. From brand new construction to existing communities, solar street lights and solar area lighting can not only lower the cost of operation but also provide safety and security. With the new EnGo Utility program Homeowner Associations (HOAs) can now get solar street lights at zero initial cost. If you are HOAs manager below you can learn more about how your community can upgrade the street lighting network with no upfront investment.

solar street lights for HOA
EnGo Solar street lights HOA

Every community needs street lighting, they provide safety and security and light up our streets, pathways, schools, etc. However, for many Homeowner Associations (HOA) managing street lighting is a constant headache, dealing with all kinds of faults and paying a lot of money to not knowing how much in the end street lights cost.

EnGo Utility is a subscription-based pricing program where the Homeowner Associations (HOA) pays a monthly amount for solar-powered street lighting service.

solar street lights for hoa
EnGo Solar street lights HOA

This is a turnkey program where EnGoPlanet takes care of the production, delivery, installation, as well as operation, and maintenance of solar lighting for the duration of the contract.

This pay-as-you-go model does not require any upfront payment from Homeowner Associations (HOA) and breaks the costs of acquiring solar street lights over time.

At the end of the contract, the Homeowner Associations (HOA) has an option to continue the program or to cancel it where all the installed solar streetlights will stay in their ownership.

There are many benefits for Homeowner Associations (HOA). Not just that this program will save around 30% in annual cost, it will also provide the convenience of knowing that street lights are in good hands and taken care of by professionals. This will save a lot of time for Homeowner Associations (HOA) to focus on other important matters running their communities.

Other very important benefits for Homeowner Associations (HOA):

-Sustainable & Affordable alternative to the utility connected streetlights.

-Clean energy usage.

-No upfront cost. Monthly Payments.

-Shorter installation time and no underground infrastructure costs.

-365 days of lighting performance is guaranteed.

-Maintenance and repair are included in the program.

-Receive LEED credits and improve your Green Building credentials.

-Suitable for retrofit and new installations.

-Predictable Monthly cost. CDD and HOA ready.

-Improve energy resilience. No blackouts.

-Suitable for brand new and existing communities

Solar street lights for HOA
EnGo Solar Street Lights

Below we will explain how to start the process:

Step 1

We analyze all key criteria of the Homeowner Associations (HOA) location, the area to be lit, and the desired light level, among other parameters.

Step 2

Our experts will then propose adequate solar lighting solutions that are designed and adapted to the specific Homeowner Associations (HOA) project’s requirements.

Step 3

We will provide a complete simulation of the proposed solar street lighting and present the total monthly cost per unit.

Step 4

Contract signing.

Step 5

Solar street lights for HOA
EnGo Solar street lights HOA

Installation and deployment.

If you are interested to learn more about how your Homeowner Associations (HOA) can benefit from this program please press HERE or contact us

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